Retreat to the sanctuary of our

three luxury clinics and let our highly

trained experts indulge you with our

range of mind, body and soul


Wellness for Cancer

We are proud to be a
Wellness for Cancer Approved Centre.
We offer a range of treatments
suitable for cancer survivors and
those with inflammatory conditions.
All of our staff have specialist training
to ensure your complete safety
and comfort.






Reiki uses the power of energy
to heal the mind, body, and soul
via the myofascial system.
This is a relaxing and uplifting
treatment suitable for everyone.






100% Organic Skincare made
from Scottish seaweed harvested
in The Hebrides containing natural
anti-oxidants & anti-ageing properties. 



Walk through the doors of one of our Award-Winning locations and be transported into a world of relaxation.
Our friendly team of professional therapists and experts will be ready to welcome you with our range of
mind, body, and soul treatments to relax, rebalance, and rejuvenate.

If you’re unsure of your needs, our experts can guide you through our carefully selected range of treatments.
Our highly trained team will ensure you’re set on a path of wellbeing from the inside out,
leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world.







Workshops & Courses 


LifeHeal News & Blog

What is Biofield Therapy?

Biofield Therapy is a sound therapy which uses tuning forks to identify and clear distortions in your biofield. What is your biofield? Your biofield is the energetic field you create around you. Your whole body is made up of energy and this energy radiates an...

How To Boost Immunity With Your Diet

Feed your immune system and your brain with these immune boosting foods and drinks. Alium Family - you can increase your resilience by eating more vegetables from the alium family. These include garlic, leeks, onions, and chives. Brazil Nuts - brazil nuts are packed...

Five Alternative Therapies To Promote Wellbeing

Alternative therapies can be used alongside traditional medicine to elicit positive physical and mental changes. Here are five that can help promote wellbeing; . 1.  Acupuncture . Acupuncture originated in China 3000 years ago.  The treatment involves the insertion of...

The Difference Between Knowledge & Wisdom, And Why It Matters

When we are born into this world, we are born with a minimal amount of knowledge but with some very important survival skills.  The ability to suck, to grasp onto something, to cry when in need, and a few other necessary bodily functions. Nobody taught us how to do...

Let’s Talk About The Menopause…

All women, at one point of their life, will experience the menopause. For most women this will take place in their late 40s and mid 50s, others, due to medical conditions, may make that transition much earlier. Menopause is when a woman's ovaries lose their...

What our clients say…

Thank you so much for the amazing massages today!
Salon is stunning, staff are lovely and treatments are stellar.
My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We will be back.

Lyn M.

If you haven’t been yet, I would recommend a visit to The Retreat Peebles.
The service was fantastic, Emma was lovely, and kindly did my makeup and nails last week.
The nail bar is great, loved sitting at the window, people watching whilst getting pampered.

Leslie N.

Move over Stobo… You’ve got real competition here!! Just had a 90 minute full body massage and I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before. There’s parts of me I didn’t know existed that are relaxed… Even my toenails feel like they’re on a beach in the carribean, sipping cocktails. I could have walked out this place to a parking ticket and slashed tyres and I wouldn’t have given a crap, so unbelievably chilled out. I will be back!!!

Amy Lockett

I booked in for a facial and hot stone massage with at Linlithgow salon last week.
Such a lovely salon and super friendly reception staff. 
Will definitely recommend the salon to others, thank you.

Samantha L.

I just had the most amazing massage, thank you so much.
Can’t wait to come again. Will be recommending to all my friends, bliss!

Lynn B.

Very informative consultation regarding my skin type. Greg very knowledgable and has a very pleasant manner. Thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and my skin felt amazing afterwards.

Lynne Marshall

LifeHeal is a very lovely place and it was a great experience and I was looked after very well and made to feel special. The treatment room was so relaxing and the icing on the cake for me was the heated bed, Bliss!

Susan Lucas