If losing a few pounds would make you feel better then it’s usually worth a little additional effort. If the thought of going to the gym makes you want to weep, don’t panic we’re here to help!

We’ve asked Sgt Armstrong, an army physical training instructor with a degree in strength and conditioning for a lazy lady’s guide to losing weight. Here were his top five tips;

Eat Little and Often

Eat often you say? I think we can all do that! Seriously though, Sgt Armstrong says “you’re better to eat little and often rather than two or three larger meals as your body will digest all the fats and nutrients rather than storing them as excessive fat”

Stay Hydrated

Unfortunately he wasn’t talking about the fermented grape variety of hydration. Sgt Armstrong says “you’ve heard it before but drink water, it stops you feeling hungry all the time!”.

Walk Instead Of Using The Car

If you really must head to the shop for a Galaxy Hazelnut (and there are times when you must, ahem) then at least get there under your own steam and burn some calories while you’re at it.

Start Swimming

Swimming is a great all over body workout which most people find quite enjoyable. It’s also low impact.

Take The Stairs

Switch to using the stairs instead of the lift. Sgt Armstrong says, “all these little changes add up, start with taking the stairs and then find other ways to move more – you’ll soon notice a difference”

You can kick start your weight loss with a fat reducing Shrinking Violet Weight Loss Wrap – losing a few inches is great motivation to make the changes above and start feeling great.

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