When we are born into this world, we are born with a minimal amount of knowledge but with some very important survival skills.  The ability to suck, to grasp onto something, to cry when in need, and a few other necessary bodily functions.
Nobody taught us how to do this.  It was just there.
It’s a miracle.
We’re born with other skills too, some people call it their sixth sense, their intuition, or wisdom.  It’s something that you didn’t learn either, it’s just there. You’re born with it.  Like the ability to see, hear, taste, touch and smell.  Along with these five senses, you’re also born with a knowing, an inner guide if you like.
When a baby is born, quite quickly we start to engage with her, we want to ‘teach’ her things.  We teach her to walk, to use the toilet, to count and to read.  We teach her our perception of right from wrong.  We teach her what to believe in, and what’s real and what’s false.  We project everything we think we know on the baby, and the baby gathers ‘knowledge’.  In the process of this gathering, wisdom is forgotten.  The sixth sense is all but ignored.
In our rush to gain knowledge many of our senses are forgotten.
When was the last time you smelled the roses, saw the beauty in something, heard the birdsong, noticed the taste of something, or felt the warmth of someone’s touch.  You may have experienced all of these things but did you notice?  Really notice?
And when was the last time you heard your wisdom?  Really heard it?
When did you pay attention to your intuition without doubt or questioning.
The difference between knowledge and wisdom; knowledge you gather along the way, wisdom is innate, it’s always there.
Why does it matter?
Knowledge is only going to get us so far in life.  Wisdom is a guiding force that can help us stay on purpose and have the answers when we need them, it’s right there inside us.  Imagine having a huge archive of information inside you with the answer that’s always perfect for you.  We have an inbuilt personal Google, but there’s no search function, all we need to do is be open to receiving the wisdom and intuition as it comes.  And when it comes, knowing it’s the perfect answer for YOU, so no need to doubt or question.
How can you tell the difference between knowledge and wisdom?
Knowledge is what we use when we critically process something to find the best and most rational and logical answer.  We are aware of ‘intercepting’ the process with our own thoughts.  Wisdom feels like it’s just downloaded into you, it’s just there, and it feels the most natural thing in the world to act upon it.
With time and training you can maximise all six of your senses, so if you want to access this powerful sixth sense, simply still your mind more often and allow yourself to receive it – and when it comes, trust it!
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