Biofield Therapy is a sound therapy which uses tuning forks to identify and clear distortions in your biofield.

What is your biofield?

Your biofield is the energetic field you create around you.

Your whole body is made up of energy and this energy radiates an electromagnetic field that reaches out at least 8 feet out from your body. This field acts as a blueprint storing your life experiences, traumas, and memories. As the tuning forks are activated, they create a vibration that can detect changes in vibration in the biofield, correcting them with its own vibration.

The anatomy of the biofield works chronologically, the farthest part of the biofield away from your body reflects your birth and childhood, moving towards your current age as you move into the body. As the tuning forks are passed towards the body in a sweeping motion it clears any abnormalities in the biofield, ‘clearing’ it, and resetting it to its proper vibration.

Each tuning fork has a different note from C through to B up the scale, and each note relates to a different chakra, this also ties into the different frequency of your organs (each organ has an ideal frequency, where there is ‘dis-ease’ this frequency can become changed). We use the tuning fork that emits the right vibrational frequency for the chakra we are working on – we start with a C at the Root Chakra, working up to a B for the Crown chakra.

Your chakras and male/female sides also provide clues as to what the distortions may represent, this creates a ‘biofield map’ by the end of your treatment.

How does a Biofield Therapy treatment feel?

You should feel relaxed during your treatment and will simply hear the sounds of the tuning forks as your therapist works around your body. Some people can feel quite emotional during or after their treatment as old traumas and emotions are cleared, this is generally a cathartic feeling and the client is left feeling at peace. We often combine Biofield Therapy to allow healing to take place before you leave the treatment room.

How should I feel after my Biofield Therapy treatment?

Following a Biofield Therapy treatment you should be left feeling balanced and centred. The nervous system will reset itself and this can result in significant relief of physical or emotional tension.

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