The idea of mindfulness originates from Buddhist philosophies. Mindfulness focuses on self awareness; our thoughts, feelings and senses. Mindfulness has proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and generally makes us feel happier and more connected to what we are experiencing (I wonder if the Danes practise mindfulness too!).

The stress of modern day life can result in us living out a constant stream of stresses and daily worries, we lose the ability to notice how we are feeling and live in our heads. By practising living in the moment and becoming aware of ourselves and surroundings we can jump off the worry wagon for a moment and achieve pockets of calm, helping us to recover and cope with our lives.

As well as practising mindfulness, there are other things you can do to promote your personal wellbeing.

Look after yourself…first – are you spending time looking after everyone else and neglecting your own needs? There’s no need to be a martyr, people rarely thank you for it anyway. Consider how you can take care of your own needs so you can better care for those around you.

Create time and space – create regular pockets of time to spend being mindful, or if that seems too challenging, just reading or having a bath can have the same calming effect.

Learn to relax – as a society we have become used to the feeling of being busy. Being ‘busy’ has become the norm so it’s more important to consciously create times when you will relax. Schedule it in if you need to!

Get outside
– getting outside is proven to increase our feelings of happiness and wellbeing. An early morning or dusk walk is the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness.

Treat yourself – take time to enjoy a facial or massage. Set aside the time afterwards to relax completely, your body will want you to!

LifeHeal Coaching – this informal style of life coaching incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy helping you to understand how your thoughts create your reality.

If you want to formalise your mindulness and take it to the next level then meditation, yoga and tai-chi all promote awareness of the body and mind.

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